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[EPUB] ✰ The People of Sparks ✶ Jeanne DuPrau – Epubdb.co chapter 1 The People of Sparks, meaning The People of Sparks, genre The People of Sparks, book cover The People of Sparks, flies The People of Sparks, The People of Sparks c678fc2c45b22 An Alternate Cover Can Be Found HereThe Sequel To The Critically Acclaimed The City Of Ember Continues The Story Of Lina And Doon, Who Have Emerged From The Underground City To The Exciting New World Above When Anonymous Acts Of Vandalism Push Them Toward Violence, It S Up To Lina And Doon To Discover Who S Behind The Vandalism And Why

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    If I could give this book 6 stars, I would I enjoyed City of Ember as a fun, quick YA read, but this sequel is just as entertaining, while also being profoundly thought provoking and insightful.I loved that the main characters Lina and Doon are honest and warm, with realistic struggles Doon is still working on controlling his temper, and Lina s curiosity and impulsiveness still tend to cause trouble However, they are both guided by good advice and a strong conscience, paving the way for growth.Incidentally, I was very surprised to see so many mediocre reviews on this book I agree that the writing is fairly simplistic, but I actually felt that this contributed to the story, rather than being detrimental I felt the same about City of Ember Also, the message never seemed pushy or preachy to me It s still definitely YA literature, but I highly recommend it for its great plot, wonderful characters, and quiet inspiration.

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    A sequel that holds true to its original characters, but puts them in a totally different situation and set of adventures If I had one problem with these books, it would be that I suspect the authour starts writing the books with a what values can I leave the readers with idea in her head But, to her credit, I usually agree with her values avoiding crowd mentality, being tolerant, solving problems non violently and the story is exciting enough anyways.

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    Compared to the first book, People of Sparks comes off very one noted The message War is bad And that message comes across in the most surface of ways Lena and Doon lose their interesting personalities and instead become silhouettes Lena screams, I want to explore and Doon yells, No war The book lacks the interest and intrigue of the first book and instead becomes a poor peace call for the world Given the possibilities of having a previous lost civilization meet one recovering from apocalypse, there are so many possibilities What happens here follows exactly the path that would be expected and varies from it very little Even the mystery that comes up in the song about the lost city lacks teeth, as they resolve its solution nearly immediately after it is posed Part of the fun of the first book was figuring out the cryptic message that led Lena and Doon out of Ember DuPrau misses that opportunity by not introducing the rhyme until half way through the book and then resolving it in the next chapter.

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    This is a lovely series The kind of dystopia where people actually live with the consequences, instead of, you know, evolving into advanced societies with kings queens mutants totalitarian governments that are obsessed with deathly competitions Get what I m saying This feels real Hundreds of years ago humans were jerks BOOM Everyone died and now centuries later, with a significant portion of the population and technology kaput, they are struggling to stay alive and trying to make small advances to regrow life.

    The City of Ember and The People of Sparks have the same tone and yet, different as well Ember was underground and the mood was a mixture of excitement, dread and suffocating Ember is above ground so it isn t as dark and dank but there s still a cloud of anticipation hanging over everything as in Ember, what will happen next .

    I hope Lina and Doon grow up, though I liked the absence of it first but I m starting to miss the teenage love drama There s a reason I like YA.

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    The weak writing, admittedly present in City of Ember, is apparent here in the second bookand the story is a bit overbearing heavyhanded with its message, at the expense of the story unfolding The message is peace keeping and war avoiding though, so I guess I have a bit of leniency for the message hammering.The people of Ember have emerged from their underworld, and have found Sparks a village that has survived the Disaster I liked reading about the people of Ember seeing sun for the first time, figuring out that it rises and sets and green grass and finding fruit growing in the wildand encountering people I liked how City of Ember had electricity and the post Disaster village of Sparks had plenty of comforts and innovations that Emberites had never seen, but no electricity.I found a lot of the build up of conflict to set the stage for the peace message between the People of Ember and People of Sparks pretty dull Still, it s decent for fans who want of Lina and Doon and it provides some mind flipping concepts for the upper elementary set, which is fun.It s interesting worthwhile to have a children s adventure even if its a dull adventure book deal with corrupt government C.o.E , an amorphic Disaster, war and peace, and, to a degree, socialismAs in the first book, I m fairly sure DuPrau was writing with a movie in mind and as with the first, it felt a bit cheap and hole y for this The almost war scene especially SO boring to read but if you were seeing what you were reading, it would probably feel quick and exciting BUT, as with City of Ember, the ending is so so so good Before the last chapter I was thinking I was tired of these books, and probably could have done without reading the second When I finished the last chapter I was so glad I d read the book Read it for the last chapter

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    Seeing how I have known the story of the first Ember book for so long, I was a little nervous about whether or not I d like the rest of the series now that I m finally getting around to them Thankfully, I did enjoy this second book It was interesting to see these people who have lived underground for generations and didn t even know they were underground come to the surface and discover what it s like to have a blue sky, moving air, and changes in seasons I especially enjoyed Lina and Doon s sense of wonder at things we in real life see as mundane It had to be hard for the author to find ways to describe everyday objects from the perspective of people who have never seen them before without just taking the easy road and telling the reader what it was She pulled it off well I also appreciate that, for once, the Goodreads synopsis did not spoil the story, especially the fact that view spoiler the people of Ember discover other humans above ground who actually survived the Disaster hide spoiler

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    Frustrating but ultimately pretty decent sequel to the fascinating City of Ember , this picks up right after the finish of the first volume, as the entire populace of the dying underground city make their way out of harm s way, into the upper world Sparks covers the travails of the next few months, as the Emberites encounter a small town struggling to get by, with a population even smaller than the 400 survivors of the underground world There are two major problems with the book I think, first that it is far less original in feel and setting the postapocalyptic worlds of films like the Mad Max series, and countless SF novels from the past century aren t ever very far off and second, the whole premise of the arguments between the two communities rests on the notion that the leaders of Sparks are arrogant and unwilling to speak with the Emberites as equals, or even really as other intelligent people While it is true that the Emberites are ignorant of many things such as seasons, which become a big plot point that is not dealt with particularly realistically , it s also clear that they have their own special knowledge, and yet they act demoralized and the people of Sparks act superior from the get go The apocalypse is only two centuries past surely someone besides the two young heroes of the first book, Lina and Doon, would have some notion of cooperation Still the book has some narrative drive, Ms Duprau s pacing is fairly solid and she manages to keep up interest in the plot despite the basic storyline originality issues I have with it, and she also succeeds I think in creating some fairly interesting characters Maddy, Mrs Hester without seeming to try very hard There is still some promise in this series, and I ll be keeping up with it.

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    I didn t like this book as well as the first one, which I found much interesting And I found the lesson of the story at times too heavy handed and simplistic But simplistic isn t always a bad thing in children s stories I suppose I was mostly bothered that for even those who did not want to fight regarding the disagreement there didn t seem much understanding of the other side or awareness that they didn t have a right to expect a share in provisions others had worked for for themselves.I enjoyed the parts where Lina when off away from the town exploring better and found them interesting.But overall kids who liked the first book will probably like it, and be interested in knowing what happened next And it would be a good conversation starter about disputes between groups of people, how they can escalate, how to dispell them, as well as appreciating generosity of others without feelings of entitlement.

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    Last fall I raced through City of Ember and really enjoyed the world and the characters The ending wasn t a cliffhanger per se, but it really left me wondering what would happen nextso much so that I raced out and bought the next book Sadly, life got busy and it took me another 4 months to finally read the continuation.In Sparks there are some rather significant changes to the plot dynamics which allow for some intriguing new commentary on humanity and social interactions We re given a post apocalyptic world in which humanity is trying to recover and rebuild This high level genre is compounded by being seen primarily through the eyes of children and also by making the Emberites ignorant of the disasters that befell humanity or even of human history at all In fact, through the entire first book, they had no knowledge of any other human culture at all and thought their microcosm to be the extent of humanity.The main new dynamic in the book acted as a commentary on the interactions between people in strained situations and the passions which lead to prejudice, anger, and eventually to war The plot separated for a time the two main characters from Ember, Lina and Doon Lina acts as the reader s guide to understanding the history of this new world and how humanity fell into war as well as understanding the current geography and social structure She undertakes a journey to one of the old cities in the hopes of finding something akin to the drawing she made in the first book Instead, she finds disaster and learns about war, disease and destruction.Doon serves as the reader s guide to watching two struggling groups of people dealing with hardships and sacrifices as the Emberites are taught about life in the new world and how to survive above ground He feels the sting of hostility as the people of Sparks grow resentful of the Emberites consuming their food and other resources That resentment grows into mistrust and eventually sparks begin to fly pardon the pun.As tensions grow between the people, one of the Emberites named Tick Hassler an antagonistic name if ever I saw one grin grows hungry for a fight and begins riling up the people of Ember to prepare for battle Doon feels conflicted throughout and Lina once she returns has new found knowledge into the near destruction of humanity Unfortunately, by then, things are spiraling out of control and it s difficult to see a viable resolution.I really enjoyed the character dynamics DuPrau set up in this novel With very few exceptions, all of the players were honestly trying to do good She set up some great conflicts which resulted in each group of people trying to do what was good, and yet that good was conflicting and causing tension It s the old adage you can t please everyone all the time There are always self interests of individuals and even of groups which will collide with other individuals and groups This book presented great examples of how people interact and shows motivation for making compromises and looking at the situation from the point of view of the other person.It s difficult to compare to Ember and say which I liked better I think I preferred Sparks because the plot and dynamic was interesting to think about Still, they are each presenting such different concepts, that it s hard to pit one against the other They are great stories with a lot of thoughtful concepts to ponder It s actually quite thought provoking, especially when considering the fact that it s a children s book Children and youth will enjoy the vivid characters and the action Adults can still enjoy it with its fluid writing and its deeper themes 4 stars out of 5

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    6 3 I started reading this on the train this evening because my other current book was way too big to fit in my handbag and I didn t want to have to carry it in my hands for the whole night, so I chose something compact and this was it I managed 31 pages before I met my friend at the train station From those 31 pages I can already see that it has similarly immature language and that there s going to be a number of lessons to be learned while reading this book Was DuPrau a school teacher before becoming a writer Because filling a YA book so full of morals and lessons smacks of something a primary school teacher might do, hoping to impart some important values and life lessons into their students while at the same time getting them read Now that I m back home and not having to worry about how unwieldy my book is I ll be going back to the mutant sized one I ll get back to this in a few days once I ve finished The Passage To be continued9 3 I feel like this book was one big lesson on the evils of revenge against perceived injustices At the back of the book there is a short biography of DuPrau which tells us that she has been a teacher at one point in time, and I can see the evidence of that in her writing did I say that in my review of The City of Ember , if I did it s even apparent in this book The people of Ember have left Ember, their underground home, and are now trying to fit in with the people of Sparks, the nearest town to the location of Ember The people of Sparks are concerned and justifiably so, in my opinion that the new arrivals 400 new people, doubling the size of Sparks are going to eat up all their food and make life harder for the original inhabitants of Sparks These concerns fuel the people of Sparks frustrations and feelings that the idea of having to share with the people of Ember is an unfair hardship At the same time the people of Ember feel unwanted by the people of Sparks and all these feelings of injustice lead to attacks back and forth between the two groups The first attack leads to a retaliation, which leads to revenge until both towns are in such a frenzy that two people the two main instigators from Sparks, as it happens are nearly killed in the fighting Doon saves the life of one of the people in danger, while Lina is the first to rush in and help fight the fires the fighting has sparked no pun intended These two acts of selflessness are enough to finally get the people of Sparks to see the people of Ember as than just a burden on their town, they can help make the town even prosperous Double the people doesn t just mean half as much food for everyone, in the long run it means double the workers to keep the town running.I wish this didn t preach quite so much, but I will read the last book in the trilogy because I want to see where it goes.PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge A Book with Bad Reviews