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    The mail must get through He was part of the government, wasn t he Governments took money off people That s what they were for.Turns out, years spent scamming and conning the public have excellently prepared Moist von Lipwig with the skill set needed to run a vast corporation.Who knew My Discworld reading for the Humour Club has had its ups and downs Some books I loved, some bored me to tears, one I didn t finish I thrilled to the adventures of the witches, laughed at the exploits of the Night Watch and frowned upon the know it all wizards Seriously, could they be pompous It s like reading a book where every single character is my mother in law Yet, I ve never rated anything less than three stars because I laughed, at least once, while reading each book But now I m in love again, and the spring is comin I m in love again, hear my heart strings strummin This one is EVERYTHING a Discworld book can be funny, touching, clever and thrilling If you re looking to start the series, this is a perfect place to jump in Moist s efforts to revive the floundering postal service should make you grin and require absolutely no knowledge of previous tales ADDED BONUS Pratchett has invented possibly the nicest euphemism ever for describing old age It s good to know I m not decrepit, I m just rich in years.A perfect pick me up of a read Cole Porter

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    I love it when one work of art makes me think of another and my enjoyment of both is enhanced.The executive office meeting subsequent to the gallows made me think of Mel Brooks hilarious 1974 film Blazing Saddles and Harvey Korman s portrayal of Hedley LaMarr So throughout the rest of the novel I eschewed the British aristocratic drawl of Lord Vetinari and replaced with Korman s robber baron prose for full comedic effect.Granny Weatherwax is still my favorite, but Sir Terry has succeeded again in making a GREAT Discworld novel that is funny, thought provoking and entertaining all at once.While Moist von Lipwig is a worthy and fun protagonist, once again the real hero is Pratchett himself The author s pithy prose and world wise narration keeps this skipping along at a good clip and the Pratchett Smile O Meter was bouncing in a lively manner throughout.Describing a picaresque tale about erstwhile con man and ne er do well Lipwig, Pratchett shows how a second chance after the hangman s noose is a win win for all involved, especially the readers Parolee Lipwig must recreate the Ankh Morpork post office into a going concern We revisit many of our Discworld favorites, meet some new friends, and a rousing good time is had by all Besides being a great entry into the Discworld mythos, this is also just a good book Pratchett, getting better like a fine wine, spins a good yarn.One of the best Discworld books, a MUST read for fans.

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    Reading for the 400th time I needed the comfort, and the escape, and the world which has a lot of darkness so you can see the light better God I miss Pratchett.

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    This book was an excellent surprise I love the Discworld series but was getting tired of seeing the same characters again and again in every book But this book introduces an entirely new and refreshing cast of characters I particularly liked the main character and felt he was very well developed Pratchett s books are funny precisely because he has a very firm grasp of human nature His best work feels surprisingly profound even though you re also laughing so hard you re afraid you might break a rib In some of the later novels I was getting of a reused joke feeling, and while it was still pretty funny, all the depth was gone In this novel it s back, and I would rank Going Postal pretty high among the Discworld novels.Highly recommended, especially to Pratchett fans who think Discworld has gotten a little stale.

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    This was really surprising, actually Perhaps it shouldn t have been, given how many people whose opinions I respect are Pratchett fans, but I haven t read a fantasy novel since giving up on Robert Jordan s painstakingly prolonged The Wheel of Time somewhere in book 5, I think long before college Actually, I suppose I read a bunch of the Harry Potters in the interim, but in some ways that felt like keeping up with pop culture than reading actual fantasy.In any event, Going Postal was purely a pleasure Compared to the grueling epics I recall from years ago, Pratchett s style was brisk and entertaining, his humor completely suffusing the tone of the book in a way that reminded me of Douglas Adams approach to science fiction But whereas Adams plotlines can be meandering and perhaps secondary to his constant seeking of the absurd, Pratchett s were elaborately coiled, well paced, and compelling, and his characters, amusing and strange as they often were, had a certain sincerity that kept me interested in their welfare Ridiculous name aside, Moist von Lipwig s reluctantly scrupulous con artist emphasis on artist , as his maneuvering definitely deserves such a word was exceedingly entertaining to follow.Pratchett s underlying thoughts and satire also seemed fairly spot on His commentary on the nature of hope suggests that he would understand why so many under privileged Americans tend to vote Republican against their best financial interests besides its application in many other areas of human nature , and the bits about personal momentum were sufficiently commanding as to grant even the reader a resounding sense of motion and possibility from time to time.I suppose Pratchett may not be to everyone s taste and I was not sure he would be to mine but he seems to be very skilled in his particular niche Yes, this was very good Mostly just at being a fun diversion, but also perhaps as well thought out and gracefully executed literature.

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    I picked up this book to read on a 15 hour flight from Chicago to Vietnam, on the assumption that it would be a light, pleasant way to pass the dreary hours after one flight to China during which I watched the first X Men film three times, I decided it was best to err on the side of having too many books rather than too few My assumptions proved correct, and I enjoyed the book quite thoroughly Three things struck me 1 Pratchett s use of language is always fun, and he occasionally makes wonderful jokes that can t be read aloud with the same effect, like the store owner who turns up whose speech suffers from greengrocer s apostrophes.2 Pratchett typically writes in a third person limited point of view, but he s extremely good at getting inside the heads of his characters and changing the voice up The unfortunately named Moist has his own clear eyed perspective on the world that differs from the other denizens of Discworld.3 He manages to weave in quite a bit of history about the postal service I wouldn t have considered it to be an interesting topic for inquiry I mean, come on post offices mostly exist to aggrivate people who hate standing in queues, right but I was wrong.Best vocabulary word gleaned from the text frank , meaning to stamp something.

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    I haven t read a lot of Pratchett I think this is only my second one but I do enjoy reading him for the color and the metaphor The way he turns a figure of speech on the lathe will frequently leave you just sitting there in your chair with a table leg in your hand, and your wife says, Hey, what s with the table leg And I say, I m reading.

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    Monetary RelativityNo better theory of money exists than Pratchett s money is founded on postage stamps that got out of control Understanding that fact helps to explain the world better than relativity theory.

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    I am probably the last person on earth to read Terry Pratchett, but I m glad I finally did People have been recommending his books to me for years and although I had planned on starting with book 1, Color of Magic, the bookseller recommended I start with Going Postal instead they were also out of stock of CoM Every time I picked this book up I laughed out loud, it has a refreshing wit combined with a sharp perception of people and their funny habits I ate this book up and bought copy of Guards, Guards before I finished What s your favorite Terry Pratchett

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    Still my favorite Discworld book of all time

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Going Postal download Going Postal, read online Going Postal, kindle ebook Going Postal, Going Postal 56ebf5a3a26b Arch Swindler Moist Von Lipwig Never Believed His Confidence Crimes Were Hanging Offenses Until He Found Himself With A Noose Tightly Around His Neck, Dropping Through A Trapdoor, And Falling Into A Government Job By All Rights, Moist Should Have Met His Maker Instead, It S Lord Vetinari, Supreme Ruler Of Ankh Morpork, Who Promptly Offers Him A Job As Postmaster Since His Only Other Option Is A Nonliving One, Moist Accepts The Position And The Hulking Golem Watchdog Who Comes Along With It, Just In Case Moist Was Considering Abandoning His Responsibilities Prematurely Getting The Moribund Postal Service Up And Running Again, However, May Be A Near Impossible Task, What With Literally Mountains Of Decades Old Undelivered Mail Clogging Every Nook And Cranny Of The Broken Down Post Office Building And With Only A Few Creaky Old Postmen And One Rather Unstable, Pin Obsessed Youth Available To Deliver It Worse Still, Moist Could Swear The Mail Is Talking To Him Worst Of All, It Means Taking On The Gargantuan, Money Hungry Grand Trunk Clacks Communication Monopoly And Its Bloodthirsty Piratical Head, Mr Reacher Gilt But It Says On The Building Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Glo M Of Ni T Inspiring Words Admittedly, Some Of The Bronze Letters Have Been Stolen , And For Once In His Wretched Life Moist Is Going To Fight And If The Bold And Impossible Are What S Called For, He Ll Do It In Order To Move The Mail, Continue Breathing, Get The Girl, And Specially Deliver That Invaluable Commodity That Every Human Being Not To Mention Troll, Dwarf, And, Yes, Even Golem Requires Hope